Bible study

Next session on Wednesday 6 February at 6:30 in the Members' vestry.

We are exploring scripture by following a programme called Community Bible Study. We run it together at a pace that is right for us. Here is a quote from the team who wrote the course:

"Community Bible Study is a Bible Study for every person. We believe that the Bible is to be studied by all people inside and outside the church. Our purpose is to be a unifying force amongst the greater Christian community around the world by encouraging people in the Holy Scripture in such a way that it brings love and unity."

At the moment we are discussing Thessalonians 1 and 2. There is a program we are working through so just let Wilf Merttens at know if you want the study materials.

At Heath Street Baptist Church. See map and get directions.

Possibly the first Wednesday of every month could be our regular date from now on. We appreciate that this will not work for everybody. Please feel free to suggest other times and we will continue to work to make sure as many people can attend as possible.

For more information contact Wilf Merttens at


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