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Informal recitals featuring music students and others.

Free admission - retiring collection for musicians.

Held at Heath Street Baptist Church - see map and get directions.

People of all ages (including children) are welcome to enjoy the informal nature of the concert, and you can come and go as you wish.

There is step-free access at the church, and wheelchair users are welcome.

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Schedule (note the new starting time of 1:15 pm)

18 February 2020 1:15 pm

Saeid Kordmafi (santur and vocals) and Fariborz Kiani (tombak and dayereh)

Classical Iranian music by Nasim-e Ṭarab duo.

The musical heritage spread from North Africa to Central Asia generally referred to as “maqām”, while embedded in different musical forms, carries a common message of peace, trust and reconciliation amongst all people regardless of any border or religious divide. It is this hidden message that seems to be able to mysteriously join the apparently different cultures in a vast region.

Referring to the same historical roots as well as musical materials that are or can potentially be shared by Iranian, Arab and Turkish classical musics, the program aims to display the interdependencies of the music of an entire region seamlessly crossing borders and boundaries of the given sonic cultures. This not only reveals the possibility of establishing a cross-cultural style in the maqām realm, but also, in a way, points to the medieval Iranian musical system (in terms of modal- melodic, rhythmic-metric and formal configuration) that seems to have partly been maintained by the neighbouring traditions. 

As far as classical Iranian music is concerned, the concert also embodies the intricate stylistic characteristics of dastgâh-i music, preserved throughout the time mostly by oral means. Structured instantaneous creativity, “improvisation”, is one of the key features of this music. Keeping in time with the present while faithfully remaining rooted in the past is possibly a key to its survival.

For the full programme and biographies of the performers click here, and see their YouTube video here.

25 February 2020 1:15 pm Parandrus Recorder Ensemble Queen of Heaven, Bride of Christ, Star of the Sea and intercessor for the salvation of humankind: the rapid development from the twelfth century onwards of the cult of the Virgin, and the resulting myriad representations of Mary, left in its trail an enduring musical imprint. Exploring the diversity of approaches to Mary as a figurehead, Parandrus presents a programme spanning centuries and cultures, from the works of Blanche de Castile and Pérotin, to Cecilia McDowall and Arvo Pärt.
3 March 2020 1:15 pm Sylva Winds
  • Ibert - Trois Pieces Breves
  • Barber - Summer Music
  • Coleman - Umoja
  • Nielsen - Wind Quintet Op.43

Sylva Winds was founded in January 2019 and is made up of current undergraduate students studying at the Royal Academy of Music. The ensemble is interested in a variety of different repertoire from standard Wind Quintet pieces to newly commissioned works.

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