A letter from Susan and Tom Brandt

Susan Brandt writes:

Tom and I want to thank everyone at Heath Street Baptist Church for your sincere welcome of us to the Church Family five years ago and your friendships over our years in London.  We loved our years in London and count our friendships with each and every member of the Church as an important component of our successful expat experience.  We also treasure Ewan’s remarks made at the last service we attended.  We think about you all the time and hope you are thriving (and healthy).

We moved back into our home in Houston on 30 March and our container of belongings arrived on 27 April.  Despite having given away rooms of furniture and clothes to the British Heart Foundation and UK Cancer Research before our departure, we have spent nights and weekends attempting to give away furniture and clothing, and send clutter to the rubbish bins.  Despite these Herculean efforts, we are struggling and our house is just overwhelmed with “stuff,” the vast majority of which predated our time in London. 

In the six weeks since our return, we have attended a family wedding in Williamsburg, Virginia, experienced Houston flooding, and had many welcome back dinners and parties with friends.  I have also contracted for the replacement of five windows in our home and have my “construction hat” on again with a new project.  

Shell’s US retirement party for Tom will be held on 26 May, and he will begin his retirement adventure on 1 July.  Poor Tom will never know what hit him when he retires. (I am buying plane tickets to all sorts of destinations.)  

We will return to London for our first of many visits on 21 September and hope to see many of you.  We also invite you to come to Texas (either in the Spring or Fall when we can almost assuredly guarantee perfect weather).

Love you all

Susan & Tom

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