From our Music Outreach Coordinator

Tuesday Lunchtime concerts and Thursday Oldtime Nursery stopped for August, and a time to reflect, seek direction and hear God’s voice for the new year ahead starting in September. 

Often music from the past, especially in the western tradition from the baroque to romantic, is presented as an idyllic dream, or a  perfect product, often in an elitist environment to those who already ‘understand’ it. However as well as dividing force, music can bring people together, as it does every week in our church and churches all over the world, across different languages and in many musical traditions.

Music provides a platform for the truth of the gospel to be imprinted on our minds and the spirit to work in our hearts so that we cannot help but serve the Lord from an overflow of gratitude and thankfulness for what He’s done for us. And so as many art forms, it also become a tool for us to bring people together, creating shared experiences which can be treasured and provide a mutual focus where otherwise there might not be one. This is the rationale for many if not all our weekly activities, including our Oldtime Nursery and lunchtime concerts, as well as the Baroquestock festival which the church members have kindly allowed to take place. 

Baroquestock specifically aims to present music from the baroque and classical periods in a welcoming, friendly and social environment. It has only been made possible by volunteers in our wider church mid-week communities as well as some of our members as well as those of other churches. In October we plan to host a Baroquestock Opera. This is a whole new challenge in many ways, and I hope you don’t mind me saying it presents a unique opportunity for members of the congregation to practice their...hospitality skills! So please do let me know if you might be interested in helping out in any this capacity - could be just being around and talking to people, or helping out in the kitchen or helping with clearing up. In seriousness, making our church building and congregation a welcoming environment is part of our calling as Christians and as a church, and provides us opportunities to meet new people, share an experience with them, and maybe personally invite a few of those who have questions and are curious about the Gospel, to join us on a Sunday as we discover and journey through our faith together. 

One other note - If anyone’s interested interested in joining a bible study group please talk to myself or Wilf.

John-Henry Baker

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