Fundraising at Heath Street

A note from the Treasurer

The church is responsible for a surprising amount of money being raised for charitable causes, in three ways: direct fundraising from the Sunday congregation, our events which attract a wider group of people, and other people’s events using our premises. When the latter happen we may make a charge for use of the building but we also – mainly through Ewan King – help publicise the events and Ewan welcomes audiences to the church and explains our role and mission, as he does at our own events. In a little over a year nearly £6,000 has been raised – and more besides.

In 2015 several of the Tuesday recitals were billed as raising money for particular purposes and in two cases the church offered to double whatever was raised. Thus Christian Aid received £310 for the refugee crisis from one recital and Shelter £150 from another. 2014’s Waking from Sleep raised £1,065 for Christian Aid’s Syria appeal and 2015’s £910 for Streetchild’s work on the aftermath of Ebola. In Christian Aid Week we collected £80.

Events in the church have added to this: Clara Sanabras’ concert in late 2014 raised £805 for UNHCR’s Iraq Appeal; a Christmas music event for Crisis for Christmas raised £690; Anna Silvera’s recent concert raised £400 for Camden’s New Horizon Youth Centre; Human Cargo collected £1,676 for the Refugee Council.

On top of all this, Another Day Lost, the art installation drawing attention to the Syrian refugee crisis, which also ran at St James Piccadilly and an east London venue, raised £3,500 at these three places.  Our Harvest Service kicked off a collection of food and clothes which attracted generous contributions from Heathside School parents and children and many attenders of our Old Time Nursery, some of whom took this small mountain of useful gifts to the refugee camp at Calais.

Gaynor Humphreys

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