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Restart Party (17 January 2017)


Tuesday 17 January 2017 from 6:30 - 9:30 pm

A Restart Party is a free community event where volunteers help people fix their own broken electricals and electronics, to save them from waste and change our relationship with electronics.

Restart helps you learn how to fix and take back control of your electricals: Slow or damaged laptops, smartphones, radios and many of your other favourite devices can often be put right so 'don't despair, just repair'. In January, they're back to Hampstead Baptist Church, where they held some great events in the past.

Please bring your misbehaving electronics to the Restart Party as well as:

You take responsibility for your own gadget and data, so back it up to be safe.

At Heath Street Baptist Church. See map and get directions.

Visit the Meetup page.

facebook.com/RestartProject / @restartproject / #RestartParty

"The Restart Project promotes positive behaviour change by encouraging and empowering people to use their electronics longer.

The time has come to move beyond the culture of incessant electronics upgrades and defeatism in the face of technical problems. We are facing slow-burn ecological and financial crises, and more immediately, we are witnessing the decline of our high streets.

We are preparing the ground for a future economy of maintenance and repair by reskilling communities, supporting repair entrepreneurs, and helping people of all walks of life to be more resilient. While recycling is important, we prefer intervening before disposal – encouraging consumers to buy for longevity and diverting electronics from “end of life”.

Our vision is one based on collaboration and creativity – combining online sharing with fun activities in real life, like community repair events, training and public speaking.

We are a registered charity seeking unrestricted small grants while we are testing our business model. In spite receiving recognition from the Transition Network, Unltd, and Lloyd’s School of Social Entrepreneurs, we are still far from sustainable. (In fact, nobody earns a salary – yet!) However we are quite confident that this project can be self-sustaining, and that is what we are working towards."