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Treasurer's note

Money, money, money: I visited lots of churches over the summer and autumn, mainly to look at the architecture but there is a common theme in large and small churches – a reminder of how much it costs to run the church and therefore a plea for a donation. It reminded me that perhaps not everyone who worships at Heath Street or comes to events here knows that we have to be entirely self-sufficient. Each Baptist church is on its own in maintaining and running the building and the manse, paying the Minister and other church helpers and keeping all our community-based services running as well as Sunday worship. A quick calculation tells me that this year it costs £307 a DAY to keep us going (£2,150 per week) even before we add in improvements to the building or bigger planned maintenance.

We can earn some money from letting our space, but I can assure you that everything you contribute through the Sunday offering, the vestibule contributions box or (my favourite) a standing order to our bank) is needed, treasured and responsibly used. To start a standing order, ask me for the bank account details (on a Sunday or via gaynor@eandghumphreys.plus.com). We also claim every scrap of Gift Aid we are entitled to, so if you are a regular giver and a UK tax-payer and you haven’t yet got a Church three-digit PIN to write on an offering envelope instead of all your contact details, let me know.


We have had an eco-audit done by environmentalist Donnachadh McCarthy. We have a really interesting and useful report from him about how we could make the church more environmentally responsible. He will come back in a year’s time to look at our progress and make further suggestions. The report is a very practical mixture of simple, short-term changes and bigger projects which we could consider as an investment both in improving how we run the building and making our environmental footprint smaller. The Deacons have reviewed this report and will share it with our Church meeting on 25 November when we hope that we can start to plan a programme for change. Do come and take part – lots of ideas for changes at home too! If you would like an email copy of the report, email me at the address above.

A tiny bit of recycling

As Christmas is coming and you might receive some Christmas cards, this is a time to remind you of one of the areas of fundraising we do for someone else. I collect up any used postage stamps you care to give me. All stamps are of interest (boring British ones included) and odds and ends of foreign coins, which I then send off for sorting and selling to raise money for Baptist Home Mission. Please cut stamps out with at least half an inch around them – and push them into the contributions box in the vestibule or give them to me on a Sunday. And remember, stamps aren’t only for Christmas – they are welcome all year round.

With love and best wishes,