Changing the church’s constitution to catch up

Members and friends who came to the last church meeting kindly ploughed through a long, boring resolution to change the formal rules that govern Heath Street Baptist Church. We all agreed to make this change.

When we agreed our constitution, only in 2018, it never occurred to us that we might have to hold meetings online. At that stage, we probably wouldn’t have known how to do it. But of course in 2020 we discovered Zoom and used it for meetings, and for the first couple of lockdowns we could do that “legally” because a blanket national arrangement was made that said we could. But that permission ran out a few months ago, so we needed to make the changes to our governing document. We were not just thinking pessimistically that we might be locked down again and have to meet electronically but more constructively realising that there could always be church members who are shielding or temporarily housebound or away from London who would like to take part in discussion and decision-making. So we have given ourselves the right to have “hybrid” meetings as well – that is, people joining in online and in person.

The Deacons were pleased that everyone at the church for the last meeting agreed with the idea and also that, as it had to be a formal decision, all the members at the meeting voted in favour of the changes.

Gaynor Humphreys

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