Heath Street Choir update

Following the success of the July 2022 performance of Mozart's Vesperae Solennes de Confessore, Heath Street Choir attracted the attention of an anonymous sponsor. This promoted the director, Emily Gray, to apply for charity status for the choir. This process is ongoing. It is hoped that a little funding will attract more funding, and Emily can - with the help of a board of trustees - continue to provide a low-cost/free introduction to classical singing and choral music to those not otherwise able to afford it. The choir also hopes to attract new members with a come-and-sing event on 15th July 2023 of Coleridge-Taylor's Hiawatha's Wedding Feast, the first of a three-part choral cantata that was widely performed at the turn of the nineteenth century that has since fallen out of the standard choral repertoire. Please do feel free to attend, either as a singer or audience member. And, when the choir's charitable status is confirmed, do lend a tenor.


(For more information about Come and Sing Hiawatha's Wedding Feast, see the church webpage here.)

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