New arrival

I’m struggling to put my two functioning brain cells together as a new mother to come up with a witty and interesting piece for the newsletter. Should I talk about how we have been affected by Covid-19? No, definitely not. Nobody can bear to read another piece about Covid-19. Should I talk about how it feels to be a new mother? Well, three weeks in, I’m struggling to offer a deep reflection on motherhood when I’m still getting used to the idea that I am actually a mother. I can say that it has meant cleaning a variety of bodily fluids off of a number of different surfaces (including myself). I’ve learnt that you don’t actually need two hands to complete daily tasks. Motherhood has also taught me what it means to be on call 24/7 and the true meaning of an all you can eat buffet. Despite preparing mentally (and physically) for the past nine months, it has taken these past three weeks for it to feel real and for me to realise that something so beautiful and precious is actually ours to keep. Should I talk about our new life in California? Despite moving halfway across the world, Thomas and I are still in our little bubble. We have increased our square footage and now can boast having more than one room, but we remain isolated from the outside world. How are we supposed to meet new people when we are prohibited from doing just that? Our only interactions so far have been at car boot sales or when we purchase used goods off of Facebook Marketplace. At least we can now boast that we have made our first American friend… our son. Ugh, this is going to be hard. Maybe I should sleep on it and then decide… oh wait.

Gabrielle Falardeau

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