Dear God

We pray we may see your light entering our own darkness in new and powerful ways.
We pray for your grace, mercy and peace to be with us here.

Help us to raise our hands to rejoice in these days
Open our eyes to see your mercy amongst us
Open our mouths so we may praise your name
We praise you God for you created us and you redeemed us. From the depths of death you call
us to living water and victory in your Son Jesus. May the light of the world not only be our
guide but our foundation and our resting place.

Forgive us for how we sin and refuse to allow your light into our hearts and minds. Too often,
we are blind to how you see the world. We shrink from your love and instead seek to remain in
charge, directors of our own lives.

Break the barriers and boundaries we put in place to protect ourselves. We pray your light
pours in past all our misjudged protections and walls. May your light bring with it all your
glory - your hope, your peace, your justice, your reconciliation, your power and your love.

In your name we pray

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