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Mission Housing is a Christian charity that operates a scheme for Christians working in churches within the M25, helping them to live closer to their church. Our city’s housing crisis makes it impossible for most London church workers to rent or buy anywhere near the church where they serve.  The opportunity opened up by Mission Housing benefits workers, churches and local communities.


We (John-Henry, Lydia and Evelyn Baker) are currently living in St. Albans. We believe that our involvement in ministry is where we should be, but distance inevitably limits our working involvement with the local community and presents many challenges for the whole family to be involved in the church community. Renting is not a viable long-term solution for our family. And even with the government Help to Buy schemes, buying anywhere near North London is not an option. We might need to move further away from the church, but are hopeful that Mission Housing provides a better option.


We (John-Henry and Lydia) have had interviews and been assessed by Mission Housing Staff/Trustees, who have offered to help us raise the support and purchase a property for us under their shared ownership scheme. This would mean us purchasing 25% using our own money and Mission Housing purchasing 75%. The money Mission Housing use would largely be invested by our supporters. The breakdown of the purchase price would be as follows:

Purchase Price

= Our Deposit / Savings + Mortgage

+ Loans / Investments from friends, family & sponsors

+ Capital from Mission Housing (if needed)


Anyone can support us in prayer! You can also put money into the scheme in one of two ways:


The Equity Loan Scheme provides investment into a particular property where a % is owned by you, the investor. Also, at the end of the loan period, minimum 5 years but usually 10 years +, the prospect of capital gain exists linked to the increase in property values. There is no return on the investment until the end of the loan period. 


The Standard Loan Scheme provides an investment opportunity in the association itself. You can receive an annual interest return up to 2%, typically over a shorter period of 2, 3 or 5 years and is unsecured.


We have been looking at the areas around Hampstead and have found properties in e.g. Colindale, which would be close enough to the church via transport links yet within our potential budget. We would be looking at a 3-4 bedroom house with space for family and instruments as well as hosting people coming to Heath Street on mission trips, concerts, and visiting the church.

Please contact us if you would like to know more! | 07840456593 

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