The best 24 years

After 24 years, Mr. Ron Sear is giving up the role of our church cleaner, though this was never an entirely accurate title since as well as all the mopping of the aisles and similar jobs, he always did lots of other less obvious work in keeping us shipshape – often in recent years with the help of his son, Mark. He has said that these were “the best 24 years”. Before this he worked as a Camden Council caretaker in some of the big housing developments.

In the midst of lockdown, we can’t hold any kind of event to mark the retirement (and we will hope to put that right eventually), but meanwhile Theresa Thom says “Many thanks for your help over the years to the church generally and to me in particular, setting up the book stall and clearing up after Saturday coffee mornings.” And John-Henry Baker says “Thank you for all your dedication over the years to our church community. I’m especially grateful to have been able to call on you or Mark occasionally to get us out of a fix when musicians were at the church door trying to get in and didn’t have a key! You have always been very gracious. The dedication has been an example to follow.”

In the pandemic it has been getting on for a year since Ron and Mark have been able to come into the building – a great source of frustration. We all wish them and Mrs. Sear well and hope to see them at the church when everything gets back to normal.

Our other cleaner, Monica, well equipped with PPE, has been supporting us through the lockdowns and will carry on. In the periods we have been open for services in the last year, the ground floor has also benefitted hugely from COVID-19 precautions taken especially by Annie Fang and Theresa Thom and the weekly Sunday stewards.

Gaynor Humphreys

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