Note from the Minister

At the back of this and every Heath Street newsletter a congregational prayer calendar is to be found. Whether or not you are a regular prayer, please join us as we remember one another before God day by day. As users of the prayer calendar know, I often intersperse people’s names with Bible verses or lines from hymns. (Particularly when the newsletter covers several months, meaning more days than conregation members!). In this issue those verses follow the themes for September’s Sunday worship, namely harvest, ecology, and the care of the earth that Christians are called to exercise.

Thinking about the environment is typically a depressing business. There seems to be so little one can do as an individual, so little we want to do as a society. So all the more reason to turn to prayer! But also to encourage one another to act, and to fuel our action with theological reflection on the nature of God and God’s world. 

There’s also much to be said for what small-scale, face-to-face communities like churches can achieve. One small thing this church will be doing this month is undergoing an EcoAudit, under the hopefully-not-too-severe eye of Donnachadh McCarthy, who runs Three Acorns ( Hopefully that will be a spur to transforming our practice for the better: please bear it in mind as you pray through the names and the verses list on the list.

With love,


P.S. People have sometimes been intrigued or baffled by initials in the prayer list. Suffice to say there are various reasons why it might not always be a good idea to have one’s name on the internet in association with a church. If you want to know who you’re supposed to pray for and can’t guess, do feel free to enquire! And if your name’s not in this list and you’d like it to be just ask!

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