From the Minister's Study

The carol goes from door to door


The carol goes from door to door,

A gift of God for rich & poor,

A song come down from his far throne,

A seed of light in darkness sown.


The carol brings, from door to door,

News of the lamb whom shepherds saw,

Held in a slumber still & deep,

Within a manger laid to sleep.


From God that night this song went forth:

Both west & east, both south & north,

Until our cold & clouded shore

First heard the name our hearts adore.


The carol goes from door to door,

Like Joseph once, so long before,

Soft through the night it makes its way,

Seeking some place for Christ to stay.


So clear and high the song rings on

When those who sing are passed and gone:

So from this world we too must pass

When God shall call us home at last.


With love,


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