There are 22 photo albums.

  • Illustrations of the church, by the children (5 photos)

    Illustrations by the children, of the church or something they love in it.

    The church

  • Church meeting 31 March 2019 (7 photos)

    The Church meeting held on 31 March 2019, which was also our AGM.

    Church meeting 31 March 2019 5

  • Easter Mission 2018 (26 photos)

    This Easter we welcomed a group from Beheimgasse Baptistengemeinde, Vienna, who came and led us in developing a Community Passion Play, helping us remember and celebrate the Easter story with drama, music and worship.

    Easter Mission 2018 (6)

  • My Family and Other Feelings (26 photos)

    Creative studies on our closest relationships in the 21st century: Painting, drawing, photography and sculpture.

    My Family and Other Feelings

  • Wilf Merttens' baptism (8 photos)

    Wilf Merttens' baptism at the church on 18 September 2016

    Wilf Merttens' baptism 7

  • Harvest Festival (7 photos)

    Harvest Festival at the church on 4 October 2015

    Harvest Festival 1

  • Papillon by Priya pop-up shop (8 photos)

    Papillon by Priya pop-up shop at the church on 24 October 2015

    Papillon by Priya pop-up shop 2

  • Another Day Lost (8 photos)

    'Another Day Lost' installation at the church from 11-25 July 2015.

    Another Day Lost 7

  • Intersection (4 photos)

    'Intersection' performance at the church on 28 and 29 November 2014.

    Intersection 1

  • Ewan King's ordination service (20 photos)

    Ewan King's ordination service at Heath Street Baptist Church on 13 August 2014

    Ewan King's ordination service 15

  • Mitzvah Day at Henderson Court (6 photos)

    Mitzvah Day at Henderson Court

    Mitzvah Day at Henderson Court 2

  • The Pentagon String Ensemble (2 photos)

    The Pentagon String Ensemble at the church

    The Pentagon String Ensemble 2

  • Easter egg hunt (5 photos)

    Easter egg hunt at Heath St Baptist Church 2013

    Easter egg hunt 1

  • 'Waking From Sleep' (20 photos)

    Fresh perspectives from the street to the manger - the King Cave Project performing at the church on 14 December 2012

    'Waking From Sleep' 15

  • Sunday School artwork 2 (17 photos)

    Photographs of some of the artwork produced by the children in the church's Sunday School.

    Sunday School artwork 3

  • Julie Murphy (2 photos)

    Julie Murphy performing at the church on 5 December 2012

    Julie Murphy 1

  • 'The Long Cloud of Witnesses' (6 photos)

    The exhibition (held in October and November 2012) brought together five artists and collectives working in various media to explore different facets of the history of the church. Each artist responded to the invitation to make a wholly new work using the space and its histories as a starting point.

    The resulting works examine the architecture, the congregation and the church's brushes with the infamous and the tragic. While the scope is specific to one church and one community the exhibition the exhibition begs the question as to what hidden stories are contained in the memory of the countless buildings we rush by in our daily lives.

    'The Long Cloud of Witnesses' 1

  • Rehearsal for 'Thirteen Days' (4 photos)

    The cast of 'Thirteen Days' in rehearsal at Heath Street Baptist Church, August 2012.

    Alexander S Bermange's musical, which follows the course of the Cuban Missile Crisis, will be performed at the Arcola Theatre on 7 and 8 September 2012.

    'Thirteen Days' 1

  • Ewan King's induction service (11 photos)

    Ewan King's induction service on 12 August 2012

    Induction service 5

  • Palm Sunday Service (14 photos)

    Palm Sunday Service on 1 April 2012. With West Gallery Singing and London Gallery Quire. Led by the estimable Dr Francis Roads. C18th and C19th singing in the beautiful surroundings of Heath Street Baptist Church.


  • General photographs (8 photos)

    General photographs

    Mechanical Moon

  • Our church (26 photos)

    Photographs of the church


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