Treasurer's note

Margaret Smith, who died earlier this year, was our Church Secretary for some years and a Deacon and very much part of the worship team until she became housebound and then had to move into residential care. The Church has just received £2,000 as a legacy from Margaret, a very welcome addition to our funds and good to know that she remembered us even after six or seven years when she was not able to worship with us.

Anyone visiting the Church in the last month has begun to see changes in one area of the sanctuary as our new soft play area takes shape but there is an almost invisible change you should also know about which has given us more storage space downstairs. In one corner of the hall there is now access through the ceiling to some much needed storage space, equipped with a basic floor, lighting and a pull-down ladder.

Ewan and Gaynor have been putting in some time to prepare a bid for financial support for our much wanted lift and we hope to present it for some charitable funding to add to the amount we can call on from our own savings. It will be an enormous upheaval to have a lift installed but if we can achieve it our use of the hall will be so much greater and allow us to offer use of the hall to a wider range of local activities, and also make sure that people who cannot at the moment take part in the Contact Club because they cannot negotiate the stairs, can be welcomed there on Sunday evenings.

As ever, if you are a regular giver and would like a PIN to write on your offering envelope (a three digit number instead of name and address details), want details of how to set up a standing order to make regular contributions to Heath Street, or need to know anything about Gift Aid, do please ask me when you see me or email me at

With love and best wishes,


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