Treasurer's note

Money matters

A good friend of our church and occasional attender of services has just started a monthly standing order to transfer a regular sum to support us. This is very kind, and most welcome, and reminds me that it is high time to suggest this to others!

Six of us do this at the moment (four of these are church friends rather than members and their concern for us is heart-warming). If you would like to join this number please ask me for a standing order form (or email me at and I can email it to you).

We still need, and use well, every scrap of funding we receive from the congregation and visitors, and people who hire our space. If you are a regular giver (on any scale) and a UK taxpayer and you would like a PIN to write on your offering envelope (just three digits instead of having to write in your name and details every time), do let me know. With basic rate tax at 20% every claim we can make under Gift Aid adds 25% to the value of your offering.


This being the time of year that most of us receive more post than at any other time (since real Christmas cards don’t seem to have gone out of fashion, on the whole) can I remind you that there is a box in the church vestibule for used postage stamps. We send them to the Baptist Union’s Home Mission who make lots of money from selling stamps and coins. Just tear or cut them from envelopes, with a half inch margin, please. Odd foreign coins can be put to good use too.

With love and good wishes, especially for Christmas and the New Year,


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