Treasurer's note

We have the good news that Heath Street's registration as a charity has been agreed. Once the rather long-winded questionnaire had been completed and sent, the response from the Charity Commission was rapid. The Church is now constituted as a CIO, a Charitable Incorporated Company, and our number is 1178001.

We had to register formally although technically we were already a charity but previously "excepted" from registering with the Commission, which now wants all churches to come into line with other charities. The big advantage to being a CIO is that the legal responsibility for the church and its buildings and people is now the charity itself, not the individuals on the Diaconate. That will help us sleep at night! We have the same name and the same Deacons so it won't seem very different.

Other good news is that the vestibule refurbishment is complete and so far everyone who has seen it seems really pleased with the improved lighting, lighter, fresher colours and a more welcoming feel about it. We shall all have to try to keep it uncluttered and cared for. Many thanks to the generous people who contributed to the cost of the work. With Gift Aid we are close to £1,200 raised.

Several years ago a Church meeting made a commitment to getting a better piano for the sanctuary and we set aside a fund for this. John Baker has been keeping an eye on a good piano auction that happens four times a year and, with some expert guidance, he has now bought a grand piano for us which will be a terrific asset. A very generous donor has contributed £500 towards the purchase. The upright piano is now downstairs in the hall.

On a less exciting note, our Annual Report and Accounts for 2017 have been prepared by the Deacons and accepted by the recent Church meeting. A copy has been put on the website.

With love and good wishes,


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