Treasurer's note

How’s a church treasurer to cope with the cashless society?

Heath Street isn’t (yet) geared up to accept contactless payments into a virtual collection plate on a Sunday, more’s the pity, but I am aware that some of our congregation may be willing to support the work and running costs of the church but simply don’t carry cash anymore.

There is a fairly easy way round it either through the occasional BACS transfer to our bank, or even better, a standing order for a regular payment, say monthly or quarterly. A few of us do the latter, and it is very comforting to see these payments coming in regularly! And every so often I have the pleasure of seeing a little extra in the account when someone has missed coming on a few Sundays and decided to catch up with a one-off contribution into the bank.

Our account is with CAF Bank Ltd, sort code 40-52-40, account name Heath Street Baptist Church, and account number 00014178. Please consider setting up a standing order or remembering us with a one-off gift when you get home after a service. If you are a UK taxpayer and haven’t signed a Gift Aid form so I can reclaim the tax paid on your donations (an extra 25 pence on every pound, really worth having!), please let me know how and when I could hand over the brief form.

With love and best wishes,


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