Treasurer's note

Ewan announced at the communion service at the start of January that the morning’s collection would be given entirely to support the Church newsletter, and especially to be put towards the cost of sending each issue to the many people scattered far and wide who were a regular part of our congregation but now live at a distance. I am pleased to report that the collection plates contained £161.40. If anyone missed the chance to contribute but would like to do so, please feel free to mark your offering envelope "newsletter" in a future week, send a cheque to the church, or make an electronic transfer to Heath Street Baptist Church’s account at CAF Bank Ltd, sort code 40-52-40 and account number 00014178 (with "newsletter" and your name as a reference please). Those bank details are always available of course for any contributions from anyone who doesn’t normally carry cash around!

I am in the midst of the end-of-year accounts for 2019 and plan to report more fully on our Church finances at the AGM in March, but I can tell you that our Refugee Welfare Fund set up in January 2019 raised and used just over £11,000 in the course of the year. Huge thanks to all the individuals who generously contributed, to the Hampstead Parish Church Community Fund for a grant, and to Annie Fang for organising a fundraising concert. Talk to Wilf Merttens, Fiona Ranford or Sarah Harper to find out more about the Fund and how it has offered financial support to supplement the time and effort being put in by many volunteers.

With every good wish for 2020,

Gaynor Humphreys

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