Sunday Sundown concert
26th March 2023
This week: O Spring Most Fair!, performed by Linnet Baroque.

Linnet Baroque is a collective of talented and experienced early music specialists who have gathered to present virtuosic music from the baroque and early classical eras. There is a strong focus on English music and the ‘bird-song’ genre, where the obbligato instruments and voice are given equal virtuosic opportunities.

This hour of music, embracing the joys of Springtime, begins with Quingard’s aria to the nightingale, a role taken by the recorder. Pepusch wrote his invigorating cantata, addressing the Goddess Flora, in 1710, whilst working as music master to the Duke of Chandos. He worked alongside Handel, who was employed as the Duke’s Composer in Residence. Handel composed several roles for Pepucsh’s wife, the soprano Margerite de L’Epine, and also for Faustina Bordogni, Hasse’s wife. In the Hasse aria, the scorned poet warns his lover that the joys of Spring soon turn to the chill of Winter, a metaphor for fading youth and beauty also reflected in the Dutch composer, De Fesch’s song.

All Sunday Sundown concerts have free admission with a retiring collection for the musicians unless otherwise specified.
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