Treasurer's note

What’s a treasurer to do in a crisis? Not holding services has meant NO weekly collection plate going round! As the person who gets nearest to Heath Street’s money, I am very aware that all we have coming in at the moment for our running costs is from a faithful few (six of us) who had already set up standing orders and another lovely person who remembers us most weeks and pings some money via their mobile phone to our bank account.

So, please, if your income hasn’t been slaughtered by the current crisis, do try one of these options:

  • Send some money by BACS to our account at CAF Bank Ltd: Heath Street Baptist Church, account number 00014178, sort code 40-52-40 (maybe once a week?)
  • Set up a standing order from your bank account (weekly, monthly, quarterly?). If you do electronic banking you can do this yourself, but if not, just ask me for a form you can complete for your bank.
  • Contact me by email ( if you have any queries about how to support us or where to send a cheque.

If you do contribute, don’t forget to include your name in the reference (or your Gift Aid PIN if you have one).

As a church we are entirely dependent on our own resources. At the moment with enforced Covid-19 closure we have lost the hall hire income and we aren’t holding Sunday morning collections, but the payroll still needs covering and most other bills haven’t stopped rolling in. We also need to be prudent in having enough money set aside for routine repairs and maintenance (for the manse as well as the church). We very much want to keep the church building well-maintained, safe, secure and looking fresh and welcoming – and it all costs money.

For our continued mission and building our community we need our worship and prayer (now each of us at home but before long, we hope, back together again) and we need all the time, talents and money that each of us is willing to offer.

Thanks so much. I hope you are keeping safe and well.


With love and best wishes,

Gaynor Humphreys

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