Dante Pilgrimage (Online)
24th March 2023
8:00pm- 8:45pm
A Zoom reading of the whole of Dante’s Comedy, to take place weekly until 29 March 2024. The starting point of this timetable reflects the common critical opinion that Dante’s journey begins on Good Friday.

There will never be any expectation that anyone has read the text in advance. The first ten minutes will go to reading the canto out loud. After that the Minister will usually do a brief introduction, then we’ll discuss together – perhaps in breakout rooms, depending on numbers.

Dante’s poem has some claim to be considered the greatest work of literature ever written, and Dante wrote it intending and praying that the poem might help its readers along the path of salvation. That’s also our prayer as we undertake this journey together - we hope you will join us!

Live on Zoom at https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87179878823.


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