New website home page

If you are reading this message, you will have seen that we have just implemented a new home page for the church’s website to take advantage of updated software which has been introduced by the website provider. (The style of the new home page has also been used for the other pages on the site, although their content remains unchanged for now.)

We hope that you like what has been done. However, we have done this fairly quickly given time constraints, and will therefore be reviewing the new home page at the end of October and updating it as necessary (as well as resolving a few initial glitches in the meantime). To help us in this, we would be very grateful for your views on what you think about the design, layout and content of the home page, in particular what you think is good, what could be changed, and what could be added, in order to make it as attractive and useful as possible. In doing so, you may wish to take into account your personal preferences, what you think the views of other current users of the website might be, and what you think new visitors to the website (who will be learning about the church for the first time) would want to see. Please send your thoughts to (or reply to this e-mail) by 31 October 2023.

Later in the year a working group of church members will also be reviewing the organisation of the rest of the website (the ‘site map’) and the content of individual pages behind the home page, and we will also be asking for views on these other issues at that stage.

Thanks very much for your help.

Robin Thorne
Web Administrator
Heath Street Baptist Church

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