Sunday Club news digest

Congratulations to Josh who has made the rank of Fish, meaning he can lead activities. Josh is good at fishing, building things and wood carving, so him being able to lead will hopefully present an opportunity for the rest of us to learn some of these skills.

Congratulations also to Tom and William, who both made the rank of Chip, meaning they are now fully participating members of Sunday Club and will be bringing their unique gifts to each activity.

Our other exciting news is that the Second Annual Moses & Miriam Boat Race is scheduled for Monday 29 May! So hopefuls should get designing a worthy vessel. A few important bits of info if you are entering: firstly, the little baby Moseses (Mosi?) will be played by eggs this year. Also, remember that as well as awards given for good and beauteous design, and of course for final positions in the race itself, there is a prize for driest Moses! However, due to some controversies at last year’s event, entrants are advised that use of cling-film is prohibited this time around.

Wilf Merttens

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