Treasurer's note

Anyone who has attended a real live service at Heath Street this autumn will have marvelled at the new, big, beautiful, brass collection plates whose main feature is that they accept contactless payment of voluntary offerings. Courtesy of the Good Box Company, these use the same system you may have seen at museum or cathedral entrances and exits.

Can I encourage members of our "regular" congregation (even if you aren’t an every-Sunday sort of person) not to make a habit of using this contactless facility? Why on earth would I say that, as Treasurer? Well, two reasons, at least. The money deposited this way gets put in our Church bank account in one lump, each week (good), but minus a handling fee (not so good). So we lose a little from your donation, and I also don’t know that it is from you – so if you have signed up for Gift Aid, I can’t reclaim your specific tax paid (or thank you properly).

What is the alternative? If you still use cash, then the offering envelopes are still available and you can write your Church PIN and the date, or your name and address and the date if you haven’t yet got a PIN. (Ask me if you want one, or have forgotten your number.)

Or please use BACS from your bank account to our Church account – either by setting up a standing order for a weekly, monthly or any-other-frequency transfer, or by one-off transfers whenever you like. At least one person in the congregation has our bank details already set up on her mobile phone and can zap a donation during the collection in the service. A little bit of effort to set this up, whether for one-off or regular giving, and easy-peasy thereafter.

Of course if you aren’t convinced that any of this is for you, we shall be delighted to have your money as part of the nice little chunk that comes in virtually from occasional visitors tapping the new plates. No Church Treasurer would ever say no to money contributing to our mission, would she?

Bank details:

Heath Street Baptist Church
CAF Bank Ltd
Sort code 40-52-40
Account number 00014178


With love and best wishes,

Gaynor Humphreys

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